0-2 Year Olds

Yellow and Blue Groups

0-2 year olds (Yellow and Blue Groups)

We understand that leaving your baby or young child for the first time is a particularly emotional period. We want to make you feel as stress free and confident as we can. Therefore, we offer a flexible settling in procedure for you and your baby and our very experienced and qualified staff will ensure both you and your child are happy and content.

Our baby and toddler unit (known as Yellow and Blue Groups) comprises of two playrooms, a sleep room and a dining area.
We provide a large range of stimulating activities and equipment that supports your child’s development in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. In addition to our garden we have specific outside play areas for toddlers and babies based on their age and stage of development.

Should you be interested in our nursery, please get in touch with our management team to arrange a visit. 

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We are Ofsted registered and were awarded "Good" in October 2014. Registration No. EY382247. We also accept Nursery Vouchers; please visit the HMRC website for more information.
For a friendly, reputable nursery that your child will love and you can rely on, call Little Orchard Nursery now on
01544 231 051
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